MedMetrx Launch is a comprehensive roadmap designed to increase product awareness and expedite demand for your products by developing, implementing and executing an innovative content delivery platform designed to individualize delivery of peer-to-peer communications to early adapters in their preference format.

The platform includes:

Advocate IQ

Identify target market specific challenges

Zone IQ

Match regional challenges with launch resources

Launch IQ

Individualize content to target market needs


Automated content delivery and collaborative

What can MedMetrx Launch do for you:

The goal of MedMetrx Launch is to maximize critical Q1 sales by expediting delivery of critical information required by early adapters to start and manage patients and increase product awareness of secondary providers who write treatment algorithms and manage formularies.

How we do it:

Our goal is to expedite both the regulatory approval process and content delivery ensuring critical information your target audiences needs to start patients or evaluate your product is delivered at the earliest possible date…when, where, and how they want the data.

The process starts while you are waiting for your PDUFA date. MedMetrx will build a standard content delivery template that can be individualized to the needs of target markets. Simultaneously, our opinion leader engagement team will generate target market specific research into a launch content delivery roadmap. The Launch Content Delivery Roadmap will blend opinion leader market research on region specific challenges, compelling events, and opportunities with launch resources including preferred speaker candidates, venues, dates, and content into a series of regional zone-specific plans.

Once your product is approved, our patent pending Merlin technology will pair region specific launch preferences with the content delivery template for each target zone. This data will be fed into a market automation platform and delivered to your target audience immediately upon regulatory approval. Finally, our mobilization services team will collaboratively recruit for your events with your field team to ensure critical data required to start and manage patients is delivered in the most efficient manner to your early adapters.

Listed below are the steps in our MedMetrx Launch Process:

  • Advocate IQ:
    • Identify target market specific challenges using market specific opinion leader surveys
  • Zone IQ:
    • Match regional challenges, compelling events and opportunities with launch resources, preferred speaker candidates, venues, dates, and content delivery formats
  • Launch IQ:
    • Match Zone IQ data with a standardized content delivery template to regionalize content delivery to the needs of early adapters, local formularies and algorithm writers
  • MedMetrx Mobilization:
    • Combine a cutting-edge market automation platform with “old school” collaborative recruiting to deliver your content while demand is still high

Output: MedMetrx Analytics

MedMetrx will provide a comprehensive analytics dashboard tracking the dissemination of your information and the participation in your events.