MedMedtrx Engage is designed to deliver cost effective transparency tools for healthcare companies looking to justify market research or manage low volume transfers of value (TOV)

The platform includes:

Needs Analysis

  • Multiple engagements types
  • HCP tactic pool and total advisor requirements
  • Tactic tier & participation criteria

Annual Plan

  • View engagement tactics
  • Real time spend status
  • Integration capabilities with Needs assessment and ERP systems

HCP Engagement Platform

  • HCP nomination
  • Bulk HCP import
  • FMV calculator
  • Goal attainment tracking

What can MedMetrx Engage do for you:
Comprehensive Needs Assessment to justify HCP Engagement Tactics

  • Create multiple Engagement types including advisory boards, consulting arrangements and speaker bureau
  • Document and justify budget, number of providers required honorariums and FMV criteria for each tactic
  • Define the number of providers required and pool size to recruit for market research
  • Directly link needs assessment to annual plan and HCP Engagement Platform

Nominate and Qualify new and existing HCP Engagements

  • Creating a standardized, objective process to qualify HCP engagements.
  • Bulk import existing contracted providers and individually nominate new providers
  • Import FMV validation support documents
  • Crosscheck new and existing FMV status vs FMV criteria

Track Progress of HCP Engagement targets and Annual Budget

  • Automated data transfer of needs assessment data to annual plan
  • Multi-user draft access to needs assessment and budget process
  • Structured approval workflow for completed budget
  • API linking capability for both budget and HCP engagement target tracking