MedMetrx Discover is an innovative consulting and market research platform that combines regulatory/compliance gap analysis from an experienced operations executive, PhD level market landscape research with common sense technology and opinion leader surveys to generate target market specific research for use in commercialization planning

The platform includes:

Compliance Consulting

  • Aggregate Spend Program Implementation
  • PRC/MLR Project Management
  • Compliance GAP Analysis and SOP Development
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Evaluation

Market Research

  • Value Proposition
  • Future landscape assessment
  • Market Potential
  • Target Audience
  • Opinion leader questions

Internal Discovery

  • Research objectives and criteria
  • Opinion leader sources
  • Opinion leader candidates

Virtual Advisory Boards

  • Custom Opinion Leader questionnaire
  • Nominate and validate research candidates
  • Compile and document research feedback

What can MedMetrx Discover do for you?

Our consultants will help you identify and manage short-term commercialization challenges and provide simplified, cost-effective software options to manage those challenges without the big agency price tag.

How we do it:

MedMetrx Discover is a sophisticated consulting and market research platform used by our staff to streamline and document consulting and market research efforts. The process starts with a review of your compliance and regulatory environment. Your consultant with then build a compliance infrastructure that includes tactic justification for HCP Engagements. Our MedMetrx Engage HCP Engagement platform will help you define your tactics, allocate budget and justify HCP engagements required for market research. Our MedMetrx Merlin virtual survey platform will collect and report results from opinion leader surveys. MedMetrx Discover data can be used as a basis for opinion leader engagement planning, launch planning, and investors presentations.

Listed below are the steps in MedMetrx Discover process:

  • Step 1: Compliance/Regulatory Gap Analysis:

    • Assess existing compliance and regulatory procedures for gaps
    • Define short-term and long-term vendor options, timelines and budgets
    • Discuss solutions that could be deliver more efficiently or for less
    • Provide short term emergency personnel support
  • Step 2: Competitive Market Research:

    • Market analysis of your product vs current and future competitors
    • A baseline value proposition
    • Value proposition pressure testing
    • Anticipated regional launch challenges/opportunities
    • Target specialties and usage preferences summary
    • Multi-scenario market potential
  • Step 3: Internal Discovery

    • Leverage internal knowledge of target market using standardized survey
    • Define and justify research objectives and criteria
    • Define Opinion Leaders sources (clinical trials participation, association membership, publications and word of mouth)
    • Identify opinion leader candidates for research
  • Step 4: Virtual Advisory Board

    • Build a custom opinion leader questionnaire based on internal discovery
    • Define participation criteria and FMV for market research candidates
    • Nominate and validate market research candidates
    • Conduct research using Merlin Opinion Leader Market research engine
    • Compile and document OL feedback on value proposition, product positioning and market challenges

Output: The MedMetrx Discover Brief

The MedMetrx Discover Brief will include recommendations for streamlining your compliance and regulatory processes and market research required for investor presentations, influence mapping, opinion leader engagement, and a mobilization plan to maximize launch sales.
Listed below are outputs included in the MedMetrx Discover Brief Listed below are outputs included in the MedMetrx Discover Brief

  • Regulatory/compliance gap solutions from an operations professional with start-up experience
  • PhD level market analysis of your competitive market landscape at launch
  • Multi-scenario market potential
  • Value proposition analysis & pressure testing
  • Region-specific market research on launch challenges, opportunities, target market content delivery, and participation preferences